You may have come across it, but are probably not sure what the 360 photo booth is? Well, the 360 photo booth is one of the trendiest event and entertainment experiences available on the market today. Commonly referred to as the 360 photo booth, it is in real sense a video booth the record 120 frames per second. All you need to do is step on the platform and a video camera will slowly revolve around you to capture high-resolution slow motion video from all angles. This is one of the most creative ways to capture content, and the perfect experience for brands looking to make their live events or performance more lively and engaging. There are few videos that have been showcased along this article to help you understand how the 360 Video booth works.

360 Video Booths

Once a session is done, users can send the captured video to themselves through social media or email right from the venue. To make the final result even more captivating, the photo booth 360 provides a wide variety of formatting options like backdrops, custom graphics, surveys and many more. This is an excellent entertainment solution for brand activations, corporate events, birthday parties and wedding. The 360 photo booth rental will include a 2-hour setup window and unlimited rental time.

Extraordinary Entertainment offers the best and most affordable 360 photo booth rentals on the market! We have 2 main types of booths, a standard size and an extra large size. Our standard option can serve one to 3 users depending on size, while the extra large option can serve up to 4 users. If you want to learn more about the 360 photo booth or book one for your event, contact us today so that we can design a custom package for you!

Key Specifications of Our 360 Photo Booths

  • Our most popular photo booth is easy to transport as it weighs only 76 pounds. However, if you have a tight budget, there are other more affordable options to choose from.
  • Individuals of any age or size can be easily accommodated in our photo booths.
  • Our manual photo booth offers seamless event integration without employing any cables or cords. This is actually the easiest photo booth to set up and transport between venues.
  • The booth can be customized to match the event branding (themes and logos).
  • Our deluxe package options include a wheeled carrier that enables easy movement and storage of your state of the art 360 photo booth.

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness of make your event more engaging and memorable, our 360 photo booths are a smart choice. With full portability and customization, you have a plethora of benefits to consider.

Convert an ordinary event into an experience that people will live to remember for many years! Even if you are on a tight budget, we can assist you to purchase a 360 photo booth through flexible payment arrangements.

You can get our quality and durable 360 photo booths from as low as $2499. You can easily get a positive return on your investment by renting out your booth to event organizers.

Our 360 photo booth are not only designed and built with high quality materials, they are also built to last. They are definitely a good investment that can generate passive income for you. You can even decide to get into the event organizing business and boost your profits!